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MTN welcomes Tribunal’s approval of Competition Commission Agreement

MTN press office

MTN welcomes the Competition Tribunal’s approval of the agreement between MTN and the Competition Commission on a wide array of voluntary price adjustments that had been reached at the end of April 2020.

Today’s announcement marks the final step in the process that had followed the Commission’s Data Service Market Inquiry in December last year.

Prior to reaching agreement with Competition Commission MTN had announced several voluntary measures in March 2020 which was then encapsulated in an agreement with the Commission.  MTN already started implementing in May such measures outlined in the agreement including:

  • Retail price reductions for prepaid data customers
  • Provision of a data lifeline allocation per day through the ayoba app
  • Zero-rating of selected public benefit organisations
  • Greater customer transparency on individual data pricing and usage

MTN welcomes the constructive engagement with the Competition Commission as well as the Competition Tribunal and remains committed to building on these initiatives to ensure more people in all areas across the country can enjoy the benefits of a modern, connected life on South Africa’s best network.

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