Chris Obasi Zeta-Web Managing Director

Peter Oluka, Nigeria

Zeta-Web Nigeria Limited (ZNL), an ICT company with significant expertise focused on value creation for the customers, has said that organisations in Nigeria are now turning to cloud-based solutions and services in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Managing Director of Zeta-Web, Mr. Chris Obasi, told BizTechAfrica, he believes that the adoption of cloud will accelerate even in the post COVID-19 era.

He further describes how the company’s partnership with VMware has prepared it for this uptick in the cloud solutions era in West Africa. Especially through the provision of a world-class, full-service resource system (cloud data centre) with expanded technological capabilities – that has been architected to meet its clients’ requirements.

Aside filling the gap of reliable Internet connectivity and quality ICT Service Integration and services, Zeta-Web is known for its outsourced services, systems integration and application development services. The Zeta-Web contact centre – deploys and manages contact centre solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, among other service offerings.

Mr. Obasi says: “The Lockdown has fuelled the growth and adoption of cloud services in Nigeria, especially by businesses that have not yet migrated their collaboration and workload infrastructure into the cloud. Now, some businesses that are running skeleton services; like non-essential B2B (business to business) have requested for these services to be downgraded or suspended. But there has been an uptake in our B2C (business to customer) space for clients who need to work from home. It is a significant shift in priorities by business.

“We were recently called on to deploy a VMware SDWAN by VeloCloud as a proof of concept (POC) for a certain commercial bank during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown period. Presently, more requests are coming in for data and workload migration to the cloud because even with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place some businesses never envisaged this prolonged lockdown.

“After this, I believe that businesses are going to have to take a long hard look at how they do things. There are businesses now requesting for a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to be installed, because as affiliates to multinationals they need to meet their contractual obligations.

“VMware has a major advantage here, because it has the products that can help businesses make this transition. Products such as VMWare Horizon for VDI, WorkspaceOne for Mobile Device Management (MDM), and then of course there is the hybrid cloud which is a huge opportunity for companies wanting to marry their on-premise and cloud environments. So, in short I think there is a lot of business coming and we are in an enviable position to be at the forefront of being able to harness these opportunities,” he told BizTechAfrica.”

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