The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Decagon Digital have announced that they are recruiting and plan to pair short-listed SMEs with a 100 vetted software engineers to help SMEs build web apps while they gain experience. The deadline for applications for both developers and SMEs is 15 January 2021.

All software engineers that intend to apply for the programme must have graduated from a recognised software engineering institute in Nigeria.

For SMEs to be eligible apply to the programme, they must have a social impact projector product that needs developers to either scale or improve existing features. They must also have a senior engineer on their development team.

The selection process

SMEs with social impact and software engineers ready to intern will sign up to join the program. Application is open between 6 – 15 January 2021.

A rigorous selection exercise will produce 100+ shortlisted SMEs and software developers will be invited to participate in the DevPlacement screening exercise.

Successful participants will get into the DevPlacement Bootcamp where they will undergo relevant training in preparation for the programme.

After the bootcamp, selected developers will be placed in shortlisted SMEs for a 3-month paid internship period during which Devs will work on live projects. The developers paired with multiple selected SMEs in need of digital enablement will be placed on a 3-month paid internship period.

DevPlacement is in line with the vision of UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Decagon Institute's commitment to usher Nigeria into a new age of tech-powered prosperity by boosting the country's digital economy.

It is an initiative of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub in partnership with Nigeria's leading software engineering institute, Decagon. With the pilot phase set to kick off in 2021, it aims to bridge the gap between developers and SMEs through this programme.

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