Simpli Connect CEO Farhad Suleman

Simpli Connect, a next-generation ISP that provides connectivity solutions to individuals and businesses based in South Africa says that they are currently looking at partnerships in a number of African countries to deliver converged propositions on the ground.

“We hope to have a commercial proposition ready to launch in Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, DRC and Kenya in 2021,” said Simpli Connect CEO Farhad Suleman.

Meanwhile, the company is currently strengthening their propositions in South Africa before expanding into additional African markets next year, Suleman said. He added that they would provide further information about their pan-African plans when they are ready to launch there.

Strengthening proposition

One of the proposition-strengthening activities that Simpli Connect has undertaken is a new partnership with SMTAX, so the two partners can offer qualifying small businesses discounted rates on internet access packages.

The partnership officially commenced on 16 November 2020 with SMTAX offering the range of SimpliLTE solutions as part of their own boarding process for new company registrations.

This is the first partnership of its kind in South Africa and the first of many between the two technology focussed brands, Simpli Connect said.

SMTAX is a digital accounting and tax firm based in Cape Town, South Africa, whose objective is to help SMEs make better financial decisions that enable them to grow.

Suleman noted that “in today’s digital economy, it is imperative for any small business to ensure that they are always accessible to their customers, no matter where they are. With our plug and play SimpliLTE solution customers benefit from the widest network coverage in the country and internet access that connects multiple users to business grade internet and affordable add-on services like VoIP.”

Suleman added that the partnership with SMTAX means that Simpli Connect can continue to enable small businesses to take advantage of the 4IR and assist them as a trusted technology partner on their digital transformation journey.

Small business enabler

With SMTAX’s unique, digital approach, which includes offering start up services via Whatsapp, SME’s are able to register their business online in a few minutes with the entire process completed in less than a week, Suleman said.

SMTAX also offers a number of other Value Added Services including VAT, PAYE and UIF registrations. The partnership with Simpli Connect is yet another way the organisation is positioning itself as a small business enabler.

Simpli Connect added that they will in the near future also add a variety of SMTAX services to their range of internet access solutions as part of their commitment to offering hassle-free and innovative products that address the most pressing concerns of consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Buchule Sibaca, CEO of SMTAX emphasized the importance of enabling small business to succeed and added that “the partnership with Simpli Connect will launch timeously at the beginning of Global Entrepreneurship Week and it further cements our commitment and support to entrepreneurs as SMTAX.”

Sibaca also said that their “comprehensive digital accounting and tax services allow SMEs to contribute positively to the economy of South Africa and with Simpli Connects digital enablement, SMEs will now have access to new markets and thereby achieve scale.”

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