Anthony Laing

NEC XON has partnered with A10 Networks for its range of networking solutions, including its carrier-grade network address translation (CGN).

CGN solves the challenge of IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6) incompatibility.

“Without additional IP addresses any service provider’s business is dead in the water,” says Anthony Laing, GM of Networking at NEC XON, “because you cannot onboard new customers. African network service providers have to be able to assign IPv6 addresses but still be compatible with older IPv4 servers. A10 Networks provides the best CGN we could find worldwide, built from the ground up to be robust and secure. Our customers agree.”

User reviews on the Gartner website are full of praise for the A10 CGN solution. Seventy-five per cent of people give it the maximum 5 stars. Sixty-three per cent of them are from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Our IPv4 preservation with CGN and IPv6 migration technologies are proven solutions that help organisations and service providers meet their increased subscriber, IoT network expansion demands, and ensure connectivity,” says Gidon Schwartz, Sales Director Israel, East Europe, Russia & CIS at A10 Networks.

A10 Networks’ Thunder CGN solution provides high-performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation, allowing service providers to extend their IPv4 network connectivity while simultaneously making the transition to IPv6.

Thunder CGN products are built on the A10 Networks Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture that delivers high performance, scalability and a wide range of features for enhanced service availability, IPv4 preservation, IPv6 transition, and security.

“NEC XON is a leading system integrator that can help us achieve our goals in Africa. They extend technical capabilities to support A10 products and the right relationship with the target customers in Africa,” says Schwartz. “A10 has a global partnership with NEC and, since NEC XON is a subsidiary of NEC, they were the best candidate for us to partner with. I truly believe that through the partnership between A10 and NEC XON, we will extend our customer base and reach our targets for the short and long term in the region.”

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