Selorm Adadevoh, Chief Executive Officer, MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana has indicated its readiness to spend about USD 200 million to end the year following an initial investment of USD 150 million.

The decision, according to Chief Executive Officer, Selorm Adadevoh, is based on the high demand for data which continues to increase significantly following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

Speaking at the MTN Business Executive Breakfast Series- Special Edition on the theme: Conversation with MTN Ghana – 25 years for Brightening Lives and Beyond, CEO Adadevoh said MTN considers its continuous investments in the country’s telecom space as a contribution towards Ghana’s development in achieving its digital agenda.

According to him, since data is a critical driver of economic growth in all economies including Ghana, MTN is determined to bridge the existing data capacity deficit gap in the system by investing heavily in the space.

“Our purpose of ‘Everywhere You Go!’ remains our commitment to Ghana as a country, our appetite to continue to take risk remains, and that continues to drive us with our investment in place,” he emphasized.

Addressing the evolution of technology that has spanned over decades, Mr. Adadevoh noted with pride how MTN Ghana together with its vendors have transformed the country’s tech space with innovative technologies, and hinted about a possible rollout of a 5G network next year.

“For MTN, innovation has been a key pillar of our growth; it has been a key purpose for us as well. We are always trying to be the first to launch the next technology, not only to be the first but to bring that technology to the market and create value out of the technology. So 2G, 3G 4G, and now 5G hopefully next year,” he intimated.

He believes that the tech giant's continuous investment in the area of research both at the local and  group level coupled with partnerships with different vendors have helped position MTN at the forefront of technology innovation.

Discussing the launch of App development Hackathon Challenge, Ayoba, he also explained how “These are things we are promoting within the country and encouraging developers and start-ups within the ecosystem to also accelerate while we drive technology growth within the country,” he added.

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