iSend, Airtel Ghana in airtime top up deal

iSend, a leading U.S. electronic payment service for people who support family members in other countries, has announced that it has signed a direct agreement with Airtel Ghana. The arrangement will enable consumers to visit more than 150,000 retail locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and  Europe to purchase pre-paid mobile airtime for family members and friends who are Airtel Ghana customers. Consumers worldwide can arrange the same top-ups online at, iSend's online portal.

Airtel Ghana is one of 20 operating countries of New Delhi-based Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel), the world's fourth-largest mobile telecommunications company. Airtel Ghana has grown its service coverage rapidly since setting up operations in 2010, and currently has over three million subscribers.

"Our direct relationship with Airtel Ghana enables us to provide highly localized services and to target special offers fashioned specifically for their customers," said Steve LaBella, president and CEO of iSend. "This agreement is an important step in our ongoing expansion across the African continent, and we look forward to serving additional Airtel countries in the future."

"iSend's broad service makes it easy for people throughout the world to provide our customers with additional calling time," said Donald Gwira, Airtel Ghana head of corporate communications and external affairs. "This partnership is highly beneficial for the families and friends whom iSend and Airtel Ghana can now serve together."

iSend customers can top up any family member's cell phone, at their level of choice and with instant verification. Customers are not charged for the service beyond the normal price of minutes, and it is an extremely convenient way to keep communications open during holidays, major events or emergencies.

Anyone wanting to top up the cell phones of friends and family who are Airtel Ghana customers can currently try the service for free, including free call time, at

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