Dr. Limkokwing is Creativity and Innovation Ambassador

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

The founding president of Botswana’s only Innovation and Technology institution Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Worldwide, Tan Sri Dato Dr Limkokwing, has been appointed Malaysia’s Royal Ambassador for creativity and innovation, said the Regional Director of Corporate and Media Relations Mercy Thebe.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is a testament of Tan Sri Lim’s success. The institution started out as a college for creativity and then moved on the status of University College and finally became a fully - fledged university.

Known for its creativity and innovative approach, Limkokwing University is a leader in the field of creative education and is known as the World’s Most Globalised University where the whole world converged to provide its students with an international experience. Limkokwing University now has over 30,000 students with campuses in 12 countries throughout the world.

Just a month ago, he was conferred The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award 2014, one of the highest honours to be given by the Malaysian government to both individuals and or institutions.

Dr. Limkokwing embarked on his creative journey at a young age when he challenged a number of aspects that influenced the mindset as well as the quality of life of Malaysians.

He has also played a crucial part in ensuring that the Malaysian government functioned productively, a service saw four decades of creativity and innovation in governance.

“While he spent his early years honing skills in strategic communications, the first major call to assist came when he was 28.

“The project was a ground-breaking initiative that required expertise in touching the hearts and minds of Malaysians.

“The country’s ground-breaking New Economic Policy of 1970 needed to be simplified so Malaysians from all walks of life could understand and embrace its vision,” said a statement from the institution’s Regional Director of Corporate and Media Relations Mercy Thebe.

Thebe added that “It was during this period that the youthful Limkokwing was introduced to government thinking while working with the country’s various prime ministers, chief ministers, ministers and corporate leaders to develop Malaysia into an internationally respected state and among the top trading nations in the world”.

Limkokwing’s previous honors were attributed to his use of education as the major weapon with a significant emphasis on capacity development as a vehicle that moves forward with tangible results. “The Limkokwing University brand is designed to address the weaknesses faced by most developing countries through the production of talent and capability needed to grow sectors in emerging economies.  He believes that education is the most effective way to eradicate poverty because it empowers people.

Speaking at world conferences organised by the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations he has pointed out that educated people are more likely to be employed and to remain employed,” said Thebe’s statement.

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