Digital migration: Togo trains 300 TV technicians, aerial installers

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

The digital migration fever seems to be settling in Togo, the tiny West African nation which is urging its people to be well prepared for the upcoming changes in the TV and radio space.

It is in this spirit that CONAPREN, the country’s National Council for Professionals of the Digital Economy, launched a training programme aimed at training over 300 TV technicians, including aerial installers and those who repair TV sets.

These people will be trained on digital TV, its advantages and new developments, as well as how to deal with its challenges. Modules include understanding digital migration for broadcasting, digital adapters and modulators.

The first phase of the project starts this month and takes place in the capital Lomé, and in the cities of Tsévié, Atakpame and Kpalime. And later the training caravan will head north to Dapaong, Kara, Bassar, via Sokodé in the centre of Togo.

The project, which is part of the Togo 2.0 programme, requires that the attendees be registered free of charge.

Participants will be informed about their role in the migration process and trained in the installation and troubleshooting of receiving terminals techniques (DTT decoders), digital TV sets, antennas, among others, CONAPREN President Malik Morris Mouzou said.

The knowledge acquired at these training sessions will help them explain the ins and outs of the digital broadcasting to the people on the ground, the organisation said.

“This programme forms part of our efforts to support the government in this process,” Mouzou said.  


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