Decentralized Finance Conference to be held in Kenya

Kenya is set to host the first Decentralized Finance Conference in Africa, dubbed DeFi Africa 2020 on the 17th - 18th March 2020 at the Safari Park Hotel. DeFi Africa 2020 incorporates a thought leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global Fintech operators, service providers, investors, innovators, enthusiasts and regulators who will share their visions of the Fintech industry while providing essential insights on current and future trends. The conference includes one of-a-kind panels, seminars and experiences designed to help educate and enthuse attendees. These rubrics are developed and presented by some of the top organizations in the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystem.

The Decentralized Finance Conference 2020 aims to position Africa strategically as a destination for innovation, collaboration and investment for digital transformation as well as provide a clear understanding of decentralized finance, highlight the opportunities and demonstrate existing use cases of decentralized finance in Africa.

Technology is changing fast, along with the capabilities it offers to reinvent traditional cost bases, value propositions, services and customer engagement. Meanwhile compliance, regulation, legacy

Infrastructure and risk mitigation all limit how, and how fast, those technologies are applied. It’s like pressing the brakes and the accelerator at the same time. “DeFI will do for the world, what M-pesa has done for Kenya. It will make transactions faster, cheaper and credit more easily available globally,” Nhial Majok Founder & CEO Kesholabs noted.

The Fintech industry is on a growth trajectory. Globally 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked yet two thirds of them own a mobile phone. Digital platforms, including those using Blockchain technology, are a critical tool toward promoting inclusion by eliminating barriers for people to access financial services. The Summit will explore these inclusive solutions through lively debate and thought-provoking case studies.

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