Congo Télécom

Congo Télécom (CT), a state-controlled telecommunications company in the Republic of Congo, says it is targeting to have 15 000 internet subscribers by the end of 2021 and 300 000 within five years.

The announcement was made last week Friday 15 October 2021 by its General Manager Yves Castanou.

The Brazzaville-based company has currently 13 000 internet subscribers, which represents 50% share of the market.

However, the target sounds easier said than done, as the company will need more capital and state-of-the art infrastructure to reach what industry watchers have described as an over-ambitious target.

Nevertheless, Castanou, who appears to be aware of funding challenges, said the operator was working to build partnerships to help it spread its wings and move forward.  The aim is to catapult CT to the summit of the country’s telecom sector and transform it into a major player in Central Africa.

Many observers believe that a new era could be looming in the country’s sector if the government allows the operator to open its doors to private actors’ capital.

CT, which offers broadband internet via an optic fiber network, charges FCFA45 000 ($80), FCFA35 000 ($63) and FCFA25 000 ($45) per month for its 60 Mbps package, 30 Mbps and 12 Mbps, respectively.

For the average consumer, these prices look exorbitant and do not always match the quality of their services.

“They should review their prices and work toward bringing them down. They are too high for the majority of the population. Besides, many telecom players continue to serve us crap in exchange for our hard-earned cash,” Dieu-Merci Banzuzi, an unemployed graduate, said. “

Castanou, who acknowledged that many customers were still complaining, noted that CT’s technical teams have been working tirelessly to provide the company with reliable, quality infrastructure.

“Infrastructure is key for operators. We are working in such a way as to allow the company to have fiber optic interconnections with all operators in the countries of the region,” he said.

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