A promising Ghanaian tech start-up, Caphtor Technologies said it will soon introduce a first-to-the-market food vending app known as Oyenii to assist busy people who are always on the run and skipping their meals daily just to keep to their schedules.

Chief Executive of Caphtor Technologies, Ephraim Teye Spines who disclosed this to Biztech Africa during an interview, said the launch of the new Oyenii App forms part of Caphtor Tech’s commitment to making systems smarter using the best emerging technologies to solve localized and continental problems, thereby bridging the gap between traditional systems and the modern way of doing things.

Challenges within the vending app space

Following the lockdown and restriction of movements by authorities in the country as a result of the pandemic last year, the e-commerce industry according to a survey conducted by the e-Commerce Association of Ghana (e-CAG) witnessed a steep spike in their operations as 98 per cent of consumers patronized online services including food delivery platforms such as Menu Finder Africa, Jumia Foods, and Bolt Foods for menus from their favorite restaurants.

But Mr. Spines maintains that unlike existing popular food delivery apps that provide consumers with a collection of menus from different restaurants across the country, Caphtor Tech’s Oyenii vending app has some very enhanced features that places the choice and options in the hands of the consumer.  

How the new App works

He further explained that the new food vending App which will be available on web and also for Android and IOS users can be accessed through existing gadgets including smartphones, tablets and even Personal Computers (PC) and it’s expected to offer users healthy food on demand.

“Again, our on-demand food app that is hitting the market soon is only making available healthy yet nutritious foods to the market and these are tried and tested recipes by health and nutrition professionals. So, we are making good food available anytime it’s in need through the power of technology,” he stated.

He said the Oyenii app is very intelligent and user friendly whilst offering customers easier navigation and multiple means of payment.

“We fix bugs in every system, and this is our corporate lifestyle. One thing we have identified is that, most of the existing similar solutions solve just a part of a problem, but we ensure that our solutions do not solve one problem and create another,” he added.

About Caphtor Technologies

Caphtor Tech is a wholly-owned Ghanaian tech startup that leverages technology to create bespoke IT solutions for everyday better life. Caphtor Tech creates systems locally for individuals and businesses with a glocal outlook. The team transforms traditional systems into smarter ones, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Caphtor Tech offers IT services ranging from but not limited to Web Application development, Android and IOS application development, Payment Systems and integrations, Database Management, Managed IT Services, On-Demand IT Services, Infrastructure/Network Design & Setup, Telecom Planning, Website & Content Management, IT Security Services and Training & Consultancy.

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