The DG presents a license to Sarah Migwi, CEO of The Entertainment Channel

The Communications Authority of Kenya has issued the first TV licenses following the successful digital migration process.

CA DG Mr. Francis Wangusi has thus set in motion the process of bringing players in the broadcasting market under CA’s regulatory regime as provided for under the ICT sector law.

Describing the moment as a milestone for the broadcasting sector, Wangusi issued licenses to Zanira Company Limited, Seventh Day Adventist-East Kenya Union Conference, Akili Networks Limited, The Entertainment Channel Limited, The Word Music Limited, North Eastern Media & Telecommunications Limited, Namba One TV Ltd and Cosmopolitan Media Ltd.

Wangusi noted: “This event is significant as it sets in motion the long-awaited process of bringing players in the broadcasting market under CA’s regulatory regime as anticipated under the ICT sector law. As will be recalled, the broadcasting sector in Kenya has for long evolved ahead of the law.  Until today, all players in the broadcasting market have been operating in a dual licensing environment, where the Ministry responsible for information, issued permits, while the ICT Regulator’s remit in broadcasting was limited to planning and assignment of frequencies.

During this dual licensing regime, we experienced lack of coordination between the respective authorities responsible for issuance of permits and assignment of frequencies that led to a situation where the number of individuals and entities issued with permits far outstripped the available broadcasting spectrum.

It is partly due to these challenges that the Government initiated both policy and legal reforms in the broadcasting sector with a view to bringing the licensing function under one entity, which would also be responsible for setting and enforcement of programming content standards.”

He added that the Authority has received and is currently processing a total of 72 commercial FTA TV applications. Other broadcast related license applications being processed include four for Cable TV, two for IPTV, three for PayTV, four for Subscription Management Service, two for Landing Rights, one for Community TV and two for Self-provisioning Broadcast Signal Distributor license. 

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