The seemingly perennial Covid-19 pandemic has opened floodgates for upwardly mobile organisations to employ the New Normal initiatives and move to other platforms of enhancing their businesses.

These initiatives include acceleration of their online presence and this has duly prompted the Botswana Stock Exchange to launch its website, mobile app and ticker. The Mayor of Gaborone was the guest of honour at the website launch event.

“We are delighted to announce the completion and launch of three (3) very critical advancements that will aim to assist with accessibility of information regarding our local capital markets for our current and prospective clients.

For an extended period of time, there has been a cumulative need to revamp our current website as a result to create a more user-friendly browsing experience for our valued stakeholders.

In addition, this site aims to improve visibility of the BSE, as well as BSE listed companies, facilitate dissemination of market data, both free and paid while being compliant with international data privacy standards.

The BSE says some of the notable new features of this site include a stock market ticker displaying real-time price indices movements, a watchlist function to monitor selected securities, an optimized search engine for easy navigation and integrated social media buttons, amongst others.

I trust that visitors to this new site will be happy with the improvements as we continue to strive to create a platform that will appease all our stakeholders.

“This new application aims to satisfy clients-on-the-go with respect to accessing market information and will carry most of the features that are a part of the new BSE website. We have completed our project to introduce a stock market ticker in Botswana.

This is a first of its kind and has been beautifully placed at the Central Business District in Gaborone. This is the ticker mounted on the Zambezi Towers building opposite CEDA. Likewise, we have placed another ticker that has been mounted by the reception area in our offices here in Fairgrounds.

Both of these screens are tasked with providing real-time market information that will include price & indices movements, X-News announcements, turnover level, volume and other relevant market information.

Information displayed from both screens will assist investors and various stakeholders to stay abreast of the rapidly changing financial market conditions as we would like to position the Exchange at the forefront of information dissemination and encourage transparency.

Explaining the relevance of the ticker, the mayor added that “Over and above information dissemination, the stock market ticker at the Zambezi Towers will also be able to generate revenue for the Exchange as advertising will also be displayed on the wide screen.

This will provide much needed visibility for companies pursing avenues to showcase their brands as this screen is strategically placed along the busiest road in Gaborone, targeting the population travelling into and out of Gaborone's CBD. I trust that will be a development that will appease our stakeholders as we continue to strive to become a world class securities exchange.

“As the Mayor of Gaborone, I am particularly intrigued by the stock market ticker that is situated in the heart of Gaborone by the Central Business District. It is quite the splendour to behold, especially at night.

This physical structure will not only assist the BSE in terms of information dissemination, but it is visually attractive to anyone who views it. Furthermore, I am equally excited that advertising will be displayed on the screen, this ensures that many companies around the city can showcase their brand to a wider demographic in a bid to solicit clientele.”

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