Angola's exponential growth in network capabilities

Telecommunications multinational, Angola Cables has recorded a 170% growth in traffic on its IP Network in the first quarter of 2020.

While significant growth can be attributed to the Covid-19 lockdowns, additional traffic has also resulted from the opening and upgrading of points of presence in the main global traffic exchange locations in recent months said Angola Cables, CEO, António Nunes. New activations, service expansion and requests for burstable solutions and IP Flex options had also driven traffic growth.

Earlier this year, two new Points of Presence (PoP) were introduced in Brazil, boosting connectivity between networks in Latin America. With access to NAP of the Americas (also known as MI1) - the world’s largest interconnected network point gives greater access to connected services across the continent as well as Global markets.

When recent outages on the Africa/Europe WACS and SAT-3 undersea cables impacted connectivity, Angola Cables was able to re-route traffic through its SACS cable connection.  The incident served to underline the importance of having adequate redundancy and continuity measures to minimise the impact and subsequent reduction in service capabilities.

High traffic volumes are currently centered around the Atlantic region on the SACS, Monet sub-cable connections which link Africa, Brazil and the USA, but as the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic become more apparent, a significant shift in future work processes and the manner in which consumers will connect is envisaged. International wholesale carriers will need to make adequate provisions as demand for capacity and data reaches record levels.

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