Airtel Zambia disappoints over SIM reg

By Edith Mwale, Lusaka, Zambia

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) says it is disappointed with Airtel Zambia for turning away scores of customers who wanted to register their SIM card because the registration forms had run out.

ZICTA later said mobile service providers should carry out the SIM card registration exercise more effectively and put all logistics in place as the deadline draws nearer.

ZICTA director of legal and regulatory affairs Thomas Malama told the media that the shortage of registration forms at registration points is “unacceptable and unfortunate.”

“SIM registration has taken root in Zambia and if forms run out at the centre when the operator is conducting sim registration, I believe that is unfortunate,” Malama said.

He said mobile service providers should assess the number of subscribers they have and provide enough registration forms at every centre.

Malama said ZICTA advises all mobile service providers to ensure that they provide enough registration forms.
Malama added: “Operators should ensure that this does not happen again.”

ZICTA has not yet set the deadline for SIM card registration exercise.  

But Malama said the fact that the deadline has not yet been announced should not make service providers and subscribers slacken.
Malama said mobile service providers should move towards ensuring that all subscribers register their SIM cards on time.
He said service providers should create an environment making it easy for subscribers, to avoid a last minute rush to register their SIM cards.

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