Airtel Mobile Commerce Zambia Limited today announces the inclusion of Airtel Money on the Government Services Bus (Zamportal), a platform for public electronic services provided by the Government of Zambia to enable easy and convenient payment of various Governmental goods and services.

This initiative is in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance andSmart Zambia which serves as an electronic catalogue for public services provided by various government institutions.

Smart Zambia National Co-ordinator, Dr. Martine Mtonga said: “We are excited about Airtel Money being the new addition to the ZAMPORTAL platform whose main purpose is to offer brief,correct, accessible and complete information on the public services available in Zambia with the option of applying and paying for these services online.

”Dr Mtonga added that with the inclusion of Airtel Money as one of the platforms for payments, the Government was quickly realising its mandate to transform the country through information andcommunication technologies with the deployment of electronic services in order to enhance the processes for the effective public service delivery.

Airtel Money Director, Mr. James Chona said: “With the onset of COVID 19, the country mustmove quickly to adopt digital services and the cashless economy, not just for convenience but also forsecurity reasons.

This is especially important in light of the Ministry of Health guidelines to conductsocial distancing where possible and avoid crowds which often happen when making payments inperson for many services.

Airtel Money is committed to driving financial inclusion across Zambia,which is boosted by the employment of digital and technologically innovative services such as this platform that enables secure and seamless payments for our customers.

”Mr Chona added: “With the introduction of Airtel Money on the Zamportal, citizens who already have access to government services will be able to make payments using Airtel money.

These services include the payment of drivers’ license renewals, payment for the examination of Motor Vehicle (RoadFitness Test) as well as annual returns with the Registrar of Societies, just to mention a few.”

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