Cia Xiao, senior public relations manager, Huawei

Huawei Technologies says it will introduce an affordable 5G-compatible mobile device to its African customers by the end of 2020. 

The new handheld devices will be sold at USD $150.00 to enable customers enjoy the benefits that 5G technology present, said Huawei's senior public relations manager.

Cia Xiao was speaking during a virtual tour of the Huawei Galilea Exhibition Hall for some selected journalists from Africa. Cia Xiao who didn’t give details about the specifications of the upcoming new 5G smartphone, except to say that it's going be very affordable, noted that Huawei will be working with industrial partners and governments across the African continent to advocate that taxes on smartphones are drastically reduced to enable the new devices to become affordable for consumers.

She said as 5G technology on the continent is limited, Huawei is urging African governments to consider deploying 5G infrastructure in their respective countries to enable easy accessibility. She said while the new devices are made to run on 5G technology, they can also operate successfully on both 4G and 3G technologies as well.

Operations of Huawei technologies with regards to its 5G development and deployment has come under serious attack in recent months from the governments of the United State of America, Britain and some European Union (EU) members, levelling all sorts of unsubstantiated accusations against the China-based firm, but Ms. Xiao maintains that Huawei is one of the most scrutinized technology firms in the world and takes the issues of cybersecurity and privacy seriously. She added that Huawei performs many internal tests on equipment, on a frequent basis, to ascertain their safety.

‘We are completely transparent and we have found no back door in our equipment,” she said. She explained further that all Huawei technologies and equipment including its current 5G technology have met the World Health Organization (WHO) Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) compliant standards, which ensures that electronic devices are safe for end users.

“As long as our equipment get an access license to integrate with other networks, we make sure that it's safe” she stressed.

She then urged all players including decision makers, governments, operators such as Ericcson, Nokia, supply chain partners and industry associations to work together to ensure a common standardization that meets the aspirations of everyone, thereby ensuring an end-to-end secured network. “We are very open and are willing to work with all.

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