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Westcon-Comstor press office

Comstor Southern Africa, a leading Cisco distributor and part of Westcon-Comstor, is pleased to announce the local availability of Secure SD-WAN Plus from Cisco Meraki. This solution enables customers to more successfully add multifunctional security features, quality of service, and multi-cloud protection to their SD-WAN deployments.

Reseller partners already deploying SD-WAN solutions for customers, will now be able to provide an all-encompassing and secure SD-WAN experience, via a Cisco Meraki MX multifunctional enterprise appliance. Able to deliver a range of capabilities that address multiple use cases from an all-in-one device, the Meraki MX devices coupled with a Secure SD-WAN Plus license, deliver secure hub-centric connectivity, and improve application quality of experience (QoE) using advanced analytics and machine learning.

“SD-WAN technology is by no means new, but it has evolved from a simple solution that eased a user’s reliance on MPLS, to being a de facto standard in hybrid enterprise-grade networks,” states Oswald Adams, Cisco Meraki Business Development Manager at Comstor Southern Africa.

“From this has risen the need for more security to become an integral part of an SD-WAN solution as opposed to being bolted on as an afterthought. This is exactly what Secure SD-WAN Plus from Cisco Meraki provides a user.

It is a single appliance, offering multiple levels of functionality that cater for your day to day networking requirements and also factor in the fact that a customer’s datacentre, cloud and application footprint may not all reside in a single geography.”

Secure SD-WAN Plus is an overarching solution that factors in the need for fully managed hybrid and cloud solutions. It builds on the success of the Meraki SD-WAN solution and adds a new framework of capabilities for secure SD-WAN that will satisfy SaaS app QoE use cases. It is delivered in a single MX appliance with one license – Secure SD-WAN Plus.

When purchasing the Secure SD-WAN Plus licence, customers can take advantage of all of the capabilities inherent in an advanced security license as well as the existing and future capabilities of Meraki Insight (including machine learning), Smart SaaS quality of experience and tag-based segmentation.

“As the Meraki MX appliance is 100% cloud-managed, installation and remote management is truly zero touch. This makes it a perfect solution for distributed branches, campuses, and data centre locations. Its advanced functionality negates the need for multiple appliances and its cloud-driven approach allows a user to extend its capabilities beyond the datacentre and into the public cloud,” ends Adams.

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