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The scope of end-user computing is expanding, as the workforce adopts more andmore devices and platforms that provide mobility and productivity anywhere. For IT, the upshot is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment that's hard to administer with rigid PC-centric tools and processes. VMware® Horizon™ Suitemoves IT beyond these limitations—with the technology and capabilities to securely deliver and manage robust end-user computing across all devices.

VMware® Horizon Suite™, is a comprehensive platform for workforce mobility thatconnects end users to their data, applications and desktops on any device withoutsacrificing IT security and control. With updates to VMware Horizon View™ andVMware Horizon Mirage™, as well as a new product, VMware Horizon Workspace™,the VMware Horizon Suite enables IT organisations to empower users with a secure,easy-to-manage virtual workspace that delivers a consistent, compelling experienceacross devices.

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