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According to VMware the future of the SAN is virtual

Customers looking to deploy SAN based environments that can scale quickly, support software-defined computing and deliver on increased performance need look no further than VMware’s new Virtual SAN 6.

Building on the virtualisation and cloud computing company’s strategy to deliver enterprise solutions that support software-defined environments, this latest announcement will enable the “mass adoption of software-defined storage”. According to VMware its Virtual SAN 6will introduce significant scalability and performance enhancements to its hypervisor-converged storage solution, and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes will offer new levels of storage integration to make third-party arrays natively aware of virtual machines.

The key benefit the new technology promises to unlock is the reduction of complexity in a customer’s SAN environment while at the same time helping the customer drive up operational efficiency.

According to a press statement from the company: “To achieve the full potential of the software-defined data centre, a new software-defined storage approach is required to address storage-related operational complexity and cost challenges. VMware’s software-defined storage strategy leverages the hypervisor to advance storage in the cloud era and deliver the kind of operational efficiency that server virtualisation brought to compute.

But what is under the hood? VMware Virtual SAN 6 provides customers with double the scalability and up to four-and-a-half times greater performance while adding several new enterprise-class capabilities, making it the ideal storage platform for virtual machines, including business critical applications. Some key new additions include: new all-flash architecture, maximum throughput of seven million IOPS / cluster, scalability increased to 64 nodes / cluster, new enterprise-grade snapshots, new rack-awareness and lastly expanded support for blades.

The product also features storage policy-based management, meaning you can shift the management model for storage from the device to the application, enabling administrators to provision storage for applications in minutes. According to the company in just nine months since its initial release, more than 1,000 customers have purchased VMware Virtual SAN.


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