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Pervasip 10 Talk mobile VOIP app comes to Africa

Pervasip is set to market and sell its mobile VoIP application in 20 African countries after concluding a strategic agreement with Africa-based 10 Talk.

According to Mariano Bruni, 10 Talk CEO: "10 Talk is powered by the revolutionary TrustPay app which enables developers to monetize their apps through a seamless in-app payment solution mobile consumers easily interact with.

"Combining Pervasip's VoIP app with TrustPay's payment solution means millions of people across the Africa continent now have access to affordable mobile voice technology for the first time," added Bruni.

The TrustPay app, in particular, allows mobile consumers to purchase apps directly from their smart phones without the need for credit or debit cards. This is especially important in emerging countries where access to these payment facilities may be limited. Developers can easily receive payment in any country from TrustPay via integration with a large number of mobile wallets across dozens of mobile networks.

"We have begun the process of installing a point of presence in Johannesburg to support this strategic partnership by providing voice, video and eventually SMS to the millions of subscribers we are targeting," said Barry MacCheyne, CMO of Pervasip Corp.  "Our expertise in providing low cost mobile VoIP combined with Trust Pay's ability to easily connect consumers with apps is a win for everyone involved. Mobile wallet is growing at a fast pace and is a great way to attract millions of users worldwide and drive significant revenues for both companies."