TrustPay™ solves the mobile challenge of how to effectively monetise an app. No longer content to simply be acknowledged for developing the next killer app, developers now demand payment for their creativity.

TrustPay™’s seamless in-app payment solution means mobile consumers no longer require access to credit or debit cards in order to make in-app purchases.

Developers need only to register with for mobile consumers to be able to start making in-app purchases. When a purchase is made, Trust Pay sends a payment request to the user’s cellphone account. Payment is subsequently transferred to  TrustPay™-registered developers using a variety of mobile wallets.

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Pervasip 10 Talk mobile VOIP app comes to Africa

Pervasip is set to market and sell its mobile VoIP application in 20 African countries after concluding a strategic agreement with Africa-based 10 Talk.