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TNM Unveils 4.5G, Urges Customers to Think Digital

Malawi’s integrated mobile network and ICT service provider TNM on Thursday, 31st August unveiled a 4.5G network platform which it says will enable the company to provide tailor made internet based solutions to corporate clients.

The launch was tied to a campaign coined Think Digital, which will enable TNM to play a leading role in the digital transformation and inclusion of the country and its citizens in the local, regional and global economies.

Businesses are continually looking for operational efficiency at every level of their organizations to improve productivity and the bottom line.  To achieve such level of efficiency there is need for reliable and cost effective solutions, which TNM has developed.

According to TNM Board Chairperson George Partridge, the company’s vision is to become the leading ICT service provider in Malawi.

Said Partridge, ‘a key strategy to attaining this vision, is the transformation of its network to an agile All-IP network in order to deliver world class connectivity, cloud and hosted services to its customers.

‘The Launch of LTE TDD in June 2016 was the first step towards transforming its network followed by the implementation of the Huawei IP Multimedia System (IMS) platform as a continuation of this transition to position TNM as technology leaders.’

Speaking at the launch event, Malawi’s Information, Communication and Technology Minister Nicholas Dausi said by constantly investing in network upgrades and innovations, TNM continues to demonstrate its willingness to become a key player in the country's telecom market and a government partner in developing the nation.

"TNM's commitment to contribute to Malawi's economic growth effort is well noted as the company constantly invests in upgrades and innovation for its network platforms," Dausi said.

TNM is Malawi's second largest operator after Airtel Malawi with a market share of 43.7%. The launch of the 4.5G network follows an investment of K21.2 billion (about US$30 million) towards a network upgrade.