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Tigo upgrades network with dual carrier to double up on data speeds

In pursuit of excellence in delivering the best network experience for customers, Mobile Network Operator, Tigo, is embarking on a dual carrier expansion project within the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Western regions.

Essentially this would double the offered speeds to Tigo 3G customers, in addition to improving clarity for voice calls. The impact of the on-going project is already evident with enormous growth of data volumes and voice calls over the network’s 3G sites.

Speaking on the significance of this uplift, the Chief Technology and Information Officer for Tigo, Amir Abdelazim, explained how the new speeds will change customer experience for both voice and data.

“With the introduction of a second carrier, customers will now be spread across both carriers and this will significantly reduce interference on the network. Our service will be seamless; streaming, online gaming and internet calls will be more enjoyable” he revealed.

Ensuring greater capacity on the network remains a critical focus for Tigo as they plan to launch exciting products and services for customers across the country.

“We have a lot of great products and services that will give customers greater choice and value for money and it is important that we increase the capacity and resilience of the network to manage and contain both existing and additional traffic,” he emphasized.

The expansion project is expected to be complete in the Greater Accra region by the end of January, after which it will be optimized and tuned to enhance performance.

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