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Tigo Introduces Tribe Connect for the youth

Tigo Ghana has launched “Tribe Connect” for customers, especially the youth to enjoy access to free social media, the most affordable call rates to all networks, and high speed internet service.

The Director for Strategy at Tigo, Efuwa Quansah revealed that Tribe Connect is a new addition to the Tigo Tribe family and seeks to give new customers great value on the network’s voice and data services.

With the addition of Instagram and SnapChat, two of the world’s leading social media apps found to be extremely popular with the youth, Tribe Connect is an enhanced version of ‘Tribe’ which was launched last year.  

“Tribe Connect is a response to the massive success we had with ‘Tribe’ when it was launched last year. We listened to the needs of our customers and gave them exactly what they asked for with Tribe Connect. It’s our hope that Tribe Connect will energize the youth to do more by maximizing the great value this product gives them”, Ms. Quansah explained.

“While Tribe Connect is for new customers, we also have Tribe Plus for our existing customers to get access to social media at discounted prices”, she further added.

Now all new Tigo customers who sign up for Tribe Connect will enjoy free access to Instagram and SnapChat among other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and IMO.

Key features of Tribe Connect include double value on all data packages purchased on weekends, plus bonus data that is valid for the weekend. Customers also enjoy 100MB data to browse the internet, 100 minutes to make calls, double bonus on voucher & e-pin top-ups, and triple bonus on Tigo Cash Top-ups.

To subscribe, customers should send ‘START’ to 5060 at no subscription cost, or dial *500# to select their preferred package on Tribe Plus.

Since its launch in March 2016, Tribe has seen immense success with the product being over-subscribed within a week of going live on the market.

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