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CEO of Tigo Ghana, Roshi Motman

Approximately 60 percent of companies believe managed client accounts have the potential to generate additional revenue by 25 to 50 percent.

Riding on this belief, Tigo Business has in recent months increased and empowered its account management team to better oversee key functions such as sales management, service implementation, strategic business input, and maintenance of a positive working relationship with all its clients. All these measures are aimed at improving its overall customer service experience.

Based to the Accenture Global Customer Satisfaction Report, poor quality of customer service, not price, is the main cause of customer churn. In a similar study by a global management consulting firm, a customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related rather than price- or product-related.

Ensuring utmost customer satisfaction for its clients, Tigo Business’ account management services incorporates key pillars such as strategy, relationship building and leadership among other things.

Account managers are tasked to analyze the industry and competitors of a client’s business and then merging those findings with communications principles and best practices.

Speaking on the importance of this to the company’s business strategy, the CEO of Tigo Ghana, Roshi Motman said, “Our clients expect us to know their business. For us that means bringing our communications expertise to the specific objectives of our clients’ businesses and offering new ways of thinking and executing process that deliver results within the confines of their brand and budget.”

She explained further saying, “Building effective relationships goes beyond honest and open communication. It requires anticipating problems versus simply reacting to them as they come up. Managed clients expect a business partnership that will help them navigate the challenges of everyday business. Therein lies the much needed leadership quality businesses crave – one that goes beyond mere execution, timelines and to-do lists.”

Despite largely catering to businesses ranging from SMEs to large corporates, Tigo Business remains dedicated to providing account management services to even sole proprietors and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) businesses.

“We take every type of business seriously, no matter how small. For our smaller clients, our outbound team physically visit each one to ensure they are satisfied with our services and to help resolve issues, if any. On top of this, they also receive tele-management services. We do this because we believe the small businesses of today are fundamental to economic growth and have the potential to be tomorrow’s global enterprises,” she added.

Available figures indicate that effective account management not only lowers customer churn rate by 5 percent but can also increase business profitability by 25-125 percent. Coupled with the probability that existing clients are 60-70 percent more likely to make repeat purchases, compared to a 5 to 20 percent probability from new clients, there’s no debate over the incredible value that lies within well managed client relationships.

Reacting to these figures, Ms Motman said, “Notwithstanding, Tigo Business is very focused on growing market share. We are uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end, affordable, customized solutions that match world-class standards. Our account management, technical and customer experience teams are the best in the industry and they are well equipped to help every business increase productivity and control cost.” 

For example Tigo Business’ GO SMART solution gives SME and SOHO clients 3,000 minutes of voice, 750MB of data, 100 SMSs, and free closed user group calls for as little as GHS1. In addition to this great offer, businesses can also enjoy free Tigo Insurance cover and personalized ‘Caller Ring Back Tunes’ when signed-up to the weekly and monthly plans.

To conclude, Ms. Motman firmly stressed her belief that business-to-business companies need to be even more focused on delivering exceptional customer experience just as business-to customer organisations.



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