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Schneider Electric’s N-Series auto reclosers keep outages to a minimum

Intelligent switching to ensure quick response to faults - reducing maintenance and keeping outages to a minimum - can be achieved thanks to the N-Series medium voltage (MV) automatic circuit reclosers (ACR) up to 38kV by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management.

“The N-Series three phase pole mounted auto recloser (or circuit breaker) was developed to achieve optimum performance and reliability, making use of the latest technology in vacuum interrupters housed in an SF6 gas filled tank,” says Francis Madyegasva, utilities manager for Southern Africa at Schneider Electric.

With vacuum arc interruption, integrated current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs), the design is optimised for automation, remote control, data logging and monitoring applications. “A clearly visible, directly connected pointer provides visual indication of the recloser’s position,” adds Madyegasva.

A major benefit of the N-Series auto recloser is that it can improve electric power utility reliability indices, SAIDI (system average interruption duration index) and SAIFI (system average interruption frequency index), by automatically reducing outages.

“The product can also defer capital works by offering features that reduce network stresses and is easily integrated into smart grid applications with advanced capabilities such as ‘loop automation’ and ‘automatic changeover’,” says Madyegasva.

The N-Series auto recloser is sold together with Schneider Electric’s ADVC controller. Advanced protection, data logging and communications capabilities are made possible by the technology housed in the ADVC controller, which has been designed especially for outdoor pole-mounted operation and is typically mounted low on the pole for ease of access by operation personnel.

“The N-Series ACR represents Schneider Electric’s commitment to improved products and ongoing product development. Providing the features of a traditional recloser, plus the benefits of up to date design optimised for automation, remote control and monitoring, now or in the future.

“The N-Series development was driven by customer demand for improved return on capital investment in the distribution network. After careful evaluation of customers’ needs, the N-Series was developed to achieve optimum performance and reliability, making use of the latest available technology in SF6 gas insulation, vacuum interruption and microelectronics. The result is a world-class product of which we are justly proud,” says Madyegasva.


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