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Schneider Electric’s first Xperience Efficiency event in South Africa to spark energy dialogue

In new economies, the need for more electricity is driven by population growth, industrialisation and urbanisation. These unprecedented levels of energy demand have made it possible for Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management, to showcase the future of energy efficiency at its Xperience Efficiency event, taking place at the Birchwood Conference Centre from 26-27 August 2014.

Xperience Efficiency is a FREE event that tackles the demand drivers that are forcing change: economic and government rebalancing, urbanisation, digitisation, and sustainable resources. By looking at the latest integrated energy trends and sustainability solutions that will transform how we all work, learn and play, Schneider Electric’s event creates the ideal platform to discuss and demonstrate efficient energy opportunities.

The prestigious event will bring together industry- and government leaders, international and local delegates, as well as academics, partners and customers, to share knowledge about how to solve critical energy and sustainability challenges. The discussion will, in particular, be tailored to the southern African energy landscape, and focus will be given to energy strategies, challenges and solutions.

Discussions will focus on topics such as the “smart grid” and research papers that have shown that electricity networks in South Africa, and worldwide, require smart solutions if power supply and demand is to be balanced efficiently.

“The answer lies in connecting power customers to smart grids, to each other and with other players, so as to make it all work and to balance supply and demand efficiently. In the existing grid, power providers have to visit consumers and regularly check meters. In the future, consumption data may transfer automatically, giving consumers and utilities a real time estimate of electricity consumption.”

At present most people might not know how much electricity they consume until they receive their electricity bill, but in the future they will be able to adjust their energy demand to moments when prices and demand are at their lowest. They will be able to use this information to decide when to switch on household appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers or to charge other devices, perhaps even, electric cars.

“Resolving and managing energy and sustainability challenges is a responsibility shared by the entire population. Xperience Efficiency South Africa 2014 will therefore offer a unique platform from which to address key drivers of change, including economic and government rebalancing, urbanisation, digitisation and sustainable resources,” says Legér.

The event will also provide a line of sight into the future of efficiency by examining the latest integrated “green” energy trends and sustainability solutions that promise to transform how the world works, learns, and plays. “To fight climate change, we need to reduce CO2 emissions. This will come mostly from energy efficiency on the one hand, and the development of renewable energy sources on the other, which we’ll thoroughly delve into at the event,” says Leger.

In addition, delegates will experience Schneider Electric’s actual solutions first-hand.

Xperience Efficiency South Africa 2014 will take place at the Birchwood Conference centre, close to OR Tambo international airport. For more information please visit


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