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Schneider Electric named Africa Best Employer Brand 2014

Schneider Electric Africa has been awarded the Africa Best Employer Brand Award for 2014/2015 at the annual “Employer Branding Awards (EBA)” organized by the Employer Branding Institute; World HRD Congress & Stars of the Industry group & endorsed by the Asian Confederation of Business.

This year's Africa Best Employer Brand Awards ceremony was held on December 10th, 2014 in Mauritius, where Phindo Mohlala, Vice President of Human Resources-Africa and Caribbean received the award in the presence of 200 senior leaders from companies around the world,

Schneider Electric received the award based on certain criteria including but not limited to the company's ability to attract and retain talent as well as offer the best work environment for its employees. This prestigious award is one of the top international awards granted to companies that demonstrate excellence in providing an integrated work environment that caters to employees’ aspirations and motivates them to translate success and desired targets into achievements and performance.

Africa Best Employer Brand Awards consists of a panel of judges of experts in employment and human resources from unbiased bodies who base their decisions after reviewing a number of criteria related to employment and work environment, such as: being exemplary in learning and development initiatives, communicating distinctiveness in employee hiring, training and retention practices, and continuous innovation.

The most important evaluation methodology is the company's ability to create a culture of contribution and innovation at work, consistent improvement in Human resources policy by measuring organizational health and incorporating values that help achieve the vision, the company's ability to give workers equal opportunities, and develop and nurture future leaders. In addition, a number of other standards are examined including providing exemplary learning and development initiatives, communicating distinctiveness in employee hiring, training and retention practices, and continuous innovation.

Mohamed Saad, Zone President-Schneider Electric Africa and Caribbean stated:  “Being awarded such a prestigious accolade is a testament to Schneider Electric's global position in applying international best practices in human resources and employment, with the objective of offering an excellent work environment in the best interest of our employees and their work. As a global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric enjoys a set of corporate values that put the employee as its priorities. We profoundly believe that human resources are our most valuable asset.

“On this occasion, I dedicate this award to all our employees in Africa and extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their dedication and diligence to ensuring Schneider Electric is an industry leader, not only in providing the best energy solutions, but in all aspects including employment and work environment”, concluded Saad.

Schneider Electric’s innovative technology is the outcome of the outstanding employees’ efforts and their brilliant ideas; therefore Schneider Electric conducts continuous trainings for its employees according to the highest international standards, to ensure a comprehensive development throughout their career path in the company. Schneider Electric is keen to implement a wide range of initiatives in order to provide its employees with the total employee experience and best package of benefits on all levels.  

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