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Schneider Electric launches EasyPact CVS range of circuit breakers in South Africa

Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management, has announced the local release of the EasyPact CVS range of molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) for low-voltage applications from 100 to 630amps.

EasyPact CVS is specifically designed to serve the requirements of medium-sized commercial and industrial buildings. The new range of circuit breakers, with its compact, modular design, is simple and safe to install, operate and maintain. It also offers a high level of performance and protection at the most competitive price. The adjustable thresholds and a service breaking capacity rated at 100 percent of the ultimate breaking capacity make it one of the most durable products in the market.

EasyPact CVS complements Schneider Electric's already established EasyPact MVS and Compact NSX range of MCCBs in the region. While the successful EasyPact MVS range of low-voltage power circuit breakers and switch disconnectors covers applications from 800 to 4000 A, Compact NSX range of MCCBs are widely used in critical installations such as hospitals, oil and gas facilities, airports, data centres, and high end buildings.

“With the new EasyPact CVS range, Schneider Electric aims to target the fast growing real estate market in southern Africa for both medium sized buildings and residential projects, whose requirements are different from those of critical infrastructure projects. We hope to widen our scope and reach in the market with EasyPact CVS,” says Levy Moholola, low voltage product manager at Schneider Electric South Africa.

He adds that EasyPact CVS offers great value for money with a global quality assurance from the specialist in energy management and protection.

“While serving the requirements of customers more effectively, it also provides better margins to partners and panel builders,” he says.

EasyPact CVS range is suitable for isolation, guaranteed to the IEC 60947-2 standard, and provides a highly visible and lockable contact position indicator to ensure operator confidence. Features such as extended current limiting and thermal protection can greatly reduce the stresses on equipment due to short circuits and their associated effects. In the event of a circuit fault, simple visual indicators help maintenance personnel quickly locate the tripped breaker and take steps to rectify the problem.

The EasyPact CVS range of circuit breakers is fully tested and ISO certified to meet all relevant local and international safety standards. Reflecting the company's comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility, the new product line complies with the environmental standards for manufacturing, including RoHS and REACH. It is also engineered for easy disassembly and recycling.


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