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Schneider Electric introduces Smart-UPS fifth generation range to Southern Africa

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has announced that two next-generation models of its Smart-UPS uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units are now available locally.

The Smart-UPS fifth generation models, the standard SMT and the extended run SMX, include features such as an intuitive LCD user interface, switched outlet groups, a high efficiency “green” mode, an enhanced battery management indicator, an emergency power off option that provides shut-off in the event of a fire or other emergency (for models 2200VA and above), flash upgradeable firmware, and a three year warranty on UPS hardware and two year warranty on the internal battery.

“With more than 20 million Smart-UPS units from APC by Schneider Electric sold, these units have become the most popular UPS in the world for servers, storage and networks. They are a trusted product to protect critical data and equipment from power problems as the UPS supplies clean and reliable network-grade power,” says Christelle Larkins, distribution account manager at Schneider Electric South Africa’s IT business unit.

 “In addition to reliability and manageability, the Smart-UPS units have extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels, making them ideal for today’s multi-core or virtualised servers and server rooms that have varying load consumption.”

Other ideal applications for the 750-3000VA SMT and SMX models are within networking telecom and wiring closets where switches, routers and gateways and more play a vital role; as well as within retail stores and financial branches to support point-of-sales, ATMs, kiosks and the back office.

“In addition the models are highly valued in environments where security devices, medical equipment and laboratory tools play an important role. Naturally businesses also rely on powered workstations for increased productivity and the models are ideal for an office set up too,” adds Larkins.

The new models’ highly efficient line interactive design with “green” mode achieves efficiencies greater than 97 percent, which saves utility and cooling costs without compromising performance or reliability.

The built in energy meter measures energy use and displays UPS efficiency in various modes of operation for easy energy tracking, whilst the new LCD alpha/ numeric display offers users an intuitive and easy to use interface that provides clear and accurate information in multiple languages.

“The enhanced intelligent battery ensures that the temperature compensated charger extends battery life and advanced algorithms recommend replacement date. The models also offer added resistance as they can operate with or without a battery for guaranteed restart,” says Larkins.

The switched outlet groups give users the ability to control a group of receptacles independent from the main UPS. The new range also provides for rebooting a “hanging” device without cycling the entire UPS, sequenced turn on/ off, shedding of non-critical loads based on a wide variety of parameters, such a batter time, runtime remaining and overload, as well as scheduled time off to conserve energy.

“The units, which have already proven to be extremely popular in the European, USA and Australian markets, have demonstrated their reliability through time-tested performance with the largest installed base. They have illustrated availability for businesses by offering superior protection from blackouts, brownouts, surges, spikes and other electric transients that can cause network downtime. And, their manageability has shown that they are the ‘best in class’ and offer leading edge energy management with the industry’s foremost UPS software and management accessories,” concludes Larkins.

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