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Schneider Electric announces a new benchmark in affordable, high accuracy power metering

Schneider Electrica global specialist in energy management, has announced the introduction of the PowerLogic PM5000 series power meter.

This newest addition to the PowerLogic portfolio of power and energy meters is engineered on a compact and affordable platform. A range of models covers the full spectrum of commercial and industrial applications, within a wide range of budgets.

The highly accurate and reliable meters are compliant with IEC 62052/53, IEC 61557-12, and IEC 61053-22 metering standards: PM5100 and PM5300 models are class 0.5S while PM5500 models are class 0.2S.

Each meter in the PowerLogic PM5000 series offers combinations of features intended to fully complement the requirements of energy cost management applications. Essential features such as different communication and I/O options, a battery-backed real-time clock, alarms, multiple tariff schedules, MID compliance and data and event logging ensure the PM5000 series has the capabilities to perform energy cost allocation and tenant metering / sub-billing.

“Any uncertainty about billing for energy costs is removed, because the PowerLogic PM5000 series is meticulously engineered for high-end energy cost management applications,” says Nathan Potgieter, offer manager for Eco Business at Schneider Electric South Africa. “Best of all, it combines high quality and affordability in a meter that is simple to order, easy to use and installs without tools in a standard DIN sized cut-out.”

He adds that any meter in the PM5000 series is an excellent tool to help users increase operational efficiency, network reliability and business performance.

The meters support information access in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian.  Meters directly connect to networks rated up to 690 V L-L without voltage transformers.  Internal memory stores key information and data logging capacities vary depending on whether PM5300 models or PM5500 models are specified. The range-topping PM5500 models provide a fourth current input, onboard web pages for viewing real-time and stored information, enhanced harmonics capabilities, and dual Ethernet ports to daisy chain meters together, which saves on installation and wiring costs.


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