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Meatco deploys Sage X3

Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco) has implemented the Sage X3 business management solution as part of its strategy to streamline its business by consolidating, automating and integrating its systems and processes. The new system offers tight integration with Emydex, the line-of-business platform that Meatco uses to run its meat processing and plant packaging.

Sage X3 business partner, AccTech Namibia, is providing consulting, support and implementation services to Meatco. Meatco had used the Sage Line 500 product for a number of years, but elected to upgrade after embarking on the Emydex implementation. It needed a business management solution that would seamlessly integrate with Emydex, speed up the flow of information across its business and eliminate the need to capture data multiple times.

Meatco has implemented Sage X3’s financial, distribution, fixed-asset and inventory management modules to take control of its business processes and gain better visibility into its business. Where it used to have a mixture of different financial systems across its office sites and plants, it now has a single financial system that it can rely on for a single version of the truth and one which delivers real-time insight into all costs and operational performance.

“Over the past three years, we have been on a drive to modernise and integrate our business systems to meet the needs of a growing global organisation,” says Louis Becker, Senior IT Manager at Meatco. “By implementing the Sage X3 business management solution, we have been able to streamline business processes and simplify financial reporting. We can easily see what is happening right across our business and now have a platform that will support the needs of our business as it expands in the years ahead.”

The Sage X3 business management solution is not only scalable enough to cater for Meatco’s growing processing needs, it is also caters for its evolving business model. For example, Sage X3’s open and modular architecture has enabled Meatco and AccTech to easily integrate the business solution with the Orion point-of-sale software. This supports and accelerates Meatco’s move into the Namibian meat retail market.

Adds AccTech Namibia Managing Director Andy Tee: “As a major meat exporter to Africa, Europe and other parts of the world, Meatco is a strategic player in the Namibian economy. We are delighted to have played a role in supporting an IT transformation that will position the company as a strong player in the world’s meat market.”

“We take real pride from how our customers flourish and that our products grow with them as they move from start-up to successful, international businesses. Meatco values the flexibility to run its business processes in its own way, which is why Sage X3 was a great fit for its needs,” says Keith Fenner, Regional Vice President Sage X3 International. “The solution adjusts to accommodate any company’s unique rules and processes and is also highly configurable and simple to manage. It will grow with Meatco’s business as it expands to new markets or into new territories.”



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