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Major Tech to implement Sage ERP X3 to achieve efficiencies and enhance reporting

Major Tech, a market leader in handheld test and measurement instruments for the electrical industry, is implementing the Sage ERP X3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite to improve the efficiency of its business and enhance its reporting capabilities. The Synergy Group, a Sage ERP business partner, will oversee the implementation and help customise the solution to Major Tech's business needs.

Major Tech decided to replace its existing standalone accounting package with an ERP suite when it started to become apparent that its existing software was not flexible enough to keep up with its evolving business. In particular, as Major Tech's business grew in size and complexity, the company recognised that it would need an ERP package that would allow it to generate more detailed and customisable reports to support decision-making.

Sage ERP X3 will support Major Tech's growth by providing it with a real-time time window into the performance of its business, across its processes, transactions and business units. With its customised dashboards, Sage X3 will enable all Major Tech employees to access the information and reports that will help them be more productive and efficient.

Says Pat Shaw, CEO at Major Tech: "Though our previous accounting package had served us well in the past, we have arrived at a point in our business's evolution where we need a more flexible, integrated and feature-rich solution to meet our needs.

"After evaluating the options on the market, we decided that Sage ERP X3 would provide us with an agile business solution that would deliver a rapid return on investment for our business. We are particularly excited about the options it will give us to visualise and analyse business information."

"Many mid-sized businesses in South Africa are looking for business solutions that offer rapid implementation and a high level of customisation, but without sacrificing functionality," says Ashley Regenass, CEO of the Synergy Group.

"Companies such as Major Tech need the rich features of an ERP suite, yet they also want a cost-effective package that can grow alongside their businesses. Sage ERP X3 meets these requirements by providing enterprises with a solution that is flexible, fully integrated and that allows them to pay only for the features they need."

Keith Fenner, senior vice president for sales at Sage ERP Africa, adds: “With Sage ERP X3, we offer a solution that our clients can tailor to fit their exact business requirements. Since Sage ERP X3 can scale from 50 to 5,000 employees and can be quickly and easily upgraded to new versions, it also provides our larger mid-market customers with a growth into for the future.”



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