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The next instalment of the Nutanix Connect webinar series will take place on 2 September and explore the topic Frankenstein Architecture – Marrying legacy with the Cloud’. Professor Herman Singh, CEO of Future Advisory and adjunct professor at the UCT Graduate School of Business, will be joined by a panel of IT experts to discuss what the cloud journey of the future will likely look like.

They will examine best practices and highlight the most effective ways of managing a cloud transition.

Craigh Stuart, Systems Engineering Manager SADC at Nutanix, and Fatima Mkandla, Channel Manager at Nutanix, along with guest customer panellists will join Professor Singh during the session.

They will discuss the current state of cloud readiness in South Africa and the mistakes to avoid by simply enabling an archaic Frankenstein hybrid environment within the organisational IT infrastructure.

“When the cloud first emerged, it promised a more user-friendly and cost-effective way of managing IT systems. However, companies have opted for a hybrid approach to get the best of both cloud and on-site solutions.

But as technology has evolved, this strategy has given rise to many unique challenges that must be overcome,” said Prof Singh.

Stuart said, “There is an expectation to move to the cloud and gain business value without significantly increasing cost. We believe that the resultant hyper-converged infrastructure will be replaced with software that is better orchestrated for the multi-cloud. Public cloud data centres are the future with legacy solutions simply constraining innovation.”

Legacy systems have become extraordinarily difficult to manage amidst more agile infrastructure.

“Instead of contributing to a frictionless IT environment, these legacy platforms only add to the complexity of managing multiple systems in different locations.

Beyond the technology, companies must also be cognisant of understanding the impact Frankenstein architecture has on the efficiencies of its people and processes,” said Mkandla.

What the audience can expect from joining?

  • Gain an understanding of the evolution of legacy systems and their shortcomings
  • Understanding the economic and technical challenges of the transition to the cloud
  • Review the emergence and challenges of hybrid solutions
  • Get insights into best practice for effective cloud migration

Click here to register for this insightful online event on 2 September at 13:00 – 14:00 PM, it’s free:

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