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MTN Business now offers wholesale multi-tiered service offering to all

MTN Business has given further weight to its intentions of supporting open access fibre networks by announcing a multi-tier model that leverages off MTN’s fibre infrastructure and applies equally to enterprise end-users, households, and SME users.

MTN’s multi-tier model gives MTN the ability to cater to the individual needs of each customer segment. This service is a step up from traditional offering where other service providers are able to piggy-back off MTN’s fibre infrastructure. The next level up from this is the reseller service that smaller IT service providers or residential property managers can offer as a value-added service.

Alpheus Mangale, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Business, says this solution is informed by the strategic decision the business has taken to give impetus to open access networks.

This strategy aims to speed up the rollout of fibre infrastructure, and thereby introduce economies of scale and choice for home and business customers.

“While MTN will continue to provide the high end, dedicated fibre network services complete with enterprise-grade service level agreements, smaller businesses will also benefit from MTN’s investment in its fibre infrastructure,” says Mangale.

Hatfield says the market and timing is ripe for South Africa’s fibre infrastructure to graduate to the next phase that will be underpinned by shared services and infrastructure that will support greater affordability and choice.

“By accelerating our rollout, we will allow competitors and customers to leverage off that infrastructure. In order to be attractive to the widest range of customers we have created distinct offerings that we believe will further accelerate broadband fibre adoption rates.”

“Choice is important in this equation and we fully support the notion of open access networks that aim to meet customer needs rather than entrenched exclusivity and proprietary systems,” Mangale concludes.

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