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Albany CTG, Microsoft, collaborate on School of Government Program

The University at Albany’s Center for Technology in Government (CTG) has announced its collaboration with Microsoft Corporation to deliver executive level training to government leaders in Africa as part of the Microsoft 4Afrika’s School of Government (SOG) program.

In its role as primary content provider for the 4Afrika SOG, CTG will work with the governments of Africa to build capacity to formulate and implement information and technology related policies and programs to improve Africa’s global competitiveness. CTG and Microsoft delivered the inaugural training in Nairobi, Kenya, in January 2014 and their second program in Cairo, Egypt, in January 2015.

“The 4Afrika SOG provides a forum for government leaders of Africa to appreciate, contextualize, share, and strategize using the principles and best practices in ICT policy and practice,” said Dr. Theresa Pardo, CTG Director. “The Center’s 20 years of working with government leaders to enhance their capabilities to generate greater public value through innovative uses of information and communication technologies and collaborations is the foundation for the program.”

The SOG is part of the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, launched in February 2013, to help accelerate Africa’s economic development and to improve its global competitiveness through innovation, affordable access and skills.

Commenting on the purpose of 4Afrika’s SOG, Mr. Lutz Ziob, Dean of the 4Afrika Academy, adds: “The SOG’s goal is to build the capability of governments and their leaders to improve service delivery, create transparency, and engage citizens to ensure the goals of enabling social and economic empowerment and increasing community access to technology are met. The SOG brings the perfect combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience aimed at those responsible for defining and implementing national and regional policies regarding ICT. This includes Ministers and Permanent Secretaries, Governors, Directors and Deputy-Directors of various government ministries, as well as other policy makers within government.”

Over the next several years the 4Afrika SOG plans to provide countries across Africa with a series of leadership development programs tailored to meet their specific needs.

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