Zinox issues Independence Day commemoration laptop

Nigerian PC maker Zinox Computers celebrated Nigeria's 51st Independence anniversary this month with the launch of a commemorative laptop - the Zinox LEGACY.

The company said the new product was the result of over 18 months of toil in the Research and Development Department of Zinox, headed by Group Chairman Leostan Ekeh, to find a laptop that encapsulated the “passion, analytical minds and commitment of our founding fathers”.

MD Emomine Mukoro said the laptop was branded with the national symbol and certified and powered by Intel and Microsoft.

The Zinox LEGACY runs on Intel 2.0 GHz processor, with 2GB Ram, 320GB hard disk, and a 14" High Definition screen with a 6 Cell Smart Li battery, card reader and Supermulti DVD.

Only 25,000 units of this product, designed to be a souvenir, will be produced this century. The LEGACY, Limited Edition also comes standard with historical snippets that highlight the profiles, quotations, and legacies of Nigeria's civilian Presidents.

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