Zambian rugby goes digital

The year 2019 has started on a good note for the Zambia Rugby Union (ZRU) ( as it introduces a magazine, Twitter handle and a website for the first time ever in its history.

Announcing the breaking news to affiliates, ZRU President Gen Clement Sinkamba said the Union was breaking new ground in its quest to effectively interact, update and communicate with all stakeholders.

"We believe we are on the right track in ensuring visibility across many different social mainstream platforms, our presence is now being engraved in stone and future generations will highly appreciate & benefit from our initiatives", he said.

Meanwhile, ZRU Communications Manager Tom Chaloba has also applauded the steps being undertaken by the Union Exco. He said "As a Union we are pleased with the publicity our game has made in the last couple of years, we have created a good rapport with our colleagues from Radio, Newspaper and TV Stations".

"The coming in of our magazine, website and Twitter account being the first of its kind is a huge milestone, we still have a long way to go in updating the above platforms but we believe that things can only get better going forward," Chaloba concluded.

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