Youths gain fom ICT Dynamix support

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Botswana based citizen owned company, ICT Dynamix, has the youth of this country at heart. In fact, besides giving an opportunity to youths just fresh from tertiary schooling, more than 80% of its current employees are youthful men and women. Bitechafrica took a trip to this unique organisatioon and stumbled upon some interesting work ethics.

Bernard and Tumisang Ndove, the co-owners of ICT Dynamix made a deliberate decision to work mostly with youth as way back as 2001. The current crop of the youth are mostly from local and international universities and technical colleges. The local ones include UB, reknowned ICT institutions Limkokwing and Botho Univeristy, BAC, Madirelo and Jwaneng Technical College. These range from Engineers to Technicians in ISP, Networking,Audio Visual Systems, Data Centres,Service desk, Hardware Maintanance,Mounting and Welding.

As an  example of how the company continues to support the youth is shown by its current engagement  with the Department of Information Technology and in partnership with Cisco on a country transformation project. “This project involves upgrading the Government Data Network, the upgrade of government servers,routers, switches and the whole network to accomodate the upcoming egov services.The company is going to create about 300 jobs untill next year and 110 of those jobs will be sustainable for a period of 3 years on this project,” said Loago Onthusitse the company’s PR and Marketing representative.

The company has a vein of branches in Gaborone, Francistown , Maun and Jwaneng and a  passion in skills development as well as a competitive advantage in the Information Communication Technology and application fraternity. ICT Dynamix was the first citizen owned company to train and Certify a candidate in CCIE(Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert),and this person was youth.

ICT dynamix, in its quest to improve education at its grassroot, level adopted Lekgwabe Primary School in the Kgalagadi Area.The company donated a Triumph intergrated Board to be used by the school.

In the same spirit, “the company also has its solutions offered to the youth in the form of partnership where they are allowed to buy some of our products or services and brand them as their own and resell. This white-labelling arrangement will help in sharing the piece of the pie with youth companies thereby empowering them,” added Onthusitse.

ICT Dynamix like many other companies in Botswana has interns from the Government scheme. The candidates are selected basing on their qualifications and what the company needs at that given time. “All the interns here are absorbed directly into the companies at the end of their tenure as interns. The company currently has 7 interns who are placed in challenging positions in the company to get valuable experience. Our interns also love it here, they say they feel this is the ideal place to grow because they are challenged daily. We also offer our interns allowances on top of what the government gives them.”

Maano Mbuye and Loago Onthustse who gave biztechafrica a guided tour of the premises said “In our various projects we sometimes get highly specilised skills from outside the country to work with us and our youth are paired with these engineers to learn on the job skills so there is also value from across the boarder in terms of skills transfer. We hope as a company and as citizens that one day Botswana will come to a point where we export skills in ICT.”

They said when the company hires youth they go an extra mile in training them as part of their personal development and for business exellence. To date, the company has already paid for over 40 exams for its youth employees in various certifications including:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional Wireless (CCNP Wireless)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless(CCNA Wireless)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching
  • CUCT Field Engineer Representative
  • Cisco Unified Computing Technology Support Specialist
  • Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist

As the country continue to push for excellence in the ICT space, both the government and private institutions have been called upon to lend a helping hand in tis regard. It is not a misnomer then to say ICT Dynamix has taken the call to heart and started this transformation journey from the very essence and bottom of the rung-The Youth.

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