YooMee on Windows Live platform

Cameroon ISP YooMee has partnered with Microsoft to offer communications on the Windows Live platform.

YooMee, part of 4G Africa, is a high-speed Internet service provider.

In a statement, Microsoft and YooMee said they would focus their attention on improving their service to clients with regard to security, quality of the service, and optimal and transparent communication.

"By opting for the Microsoft Windows Live platform, YooMee is undeniably making a huge step towards more suitable and personalized communication for their clientele. In fact, Windows Live remains a digital, interactive means of communication representing the largest communication platform for non-commercial applications," stated Simon Ouattara, General Manager of Microsoft West and Central Africa.

Serge Ntamack, Microsoft Intellectual Property Manager, explained: "This partnership will help prevent pirated software use, but it will also encourage consumers (the clients) to use these efficient tools, which will make their online interaction easier and will increase their daily productivity. They can do this without worrying about the risks involved in using non-compliant software or being exposed to the dangers of malware, spyware, and viruses, which can lead to identity theft and loss of important data."

Already with a few thousand subscribers, YooMee plans to expand its clientele with the help of Microsoft applications, to meet its clients' particular needs. In time, through this channel, YooMee will be able to establish direct communication to meet its clients' needs and vice-versa. Furthermore, YooMee clients will receive a timely reminder to renew their subscription or to sign-up for a newsletter.

Microsoft says the Windows Live platform offers users a multitude of options. Subscribers will have access to an e-mail address, with a Skydrive virtual hard drive for storing and sharing data (25GB). Performance is a top priority: Hotmail is now 10 times faster, Hotmail is also accessible on all web-enabled devices and it is secure: Smartscreen technology can block 98% of spam, phishing and many other types of attacks.

The statement says communication no longer flows in one direction. With Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft's e-mail platform, and Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft's messaging program, information can be sent and processed easily; clients will be able to respond to each other instantly.

“We are happy to present YooMee Live to our clients, and see our dream to connect Cameroonians to the Internet become a reality and flourish," stated Stephane Abrahams, Managing Director of YooMee Cameroon.    

"We chose the Windows Live platform because the tools that support it are well-known and used by the general public. They have also proved to be a secure and reliable communication channel."

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