Why I drew a Microsoft Word document on a blackboard – teacher explains

By Nana Appiah Acquaye, Accra, Ghana

A Ghanaian teacher who through his ingeniousness sketched a Microsoft Windows Word document to assist his students appreciate the use of a computer, but currently been vilified by many Ghanaians and hailed as a hero by the international community, has explained exclusively to Biztechafrica why he chose to draw  a word processing document on a blackboard.

“I was treating creating a word processing document, that’s a form topic and after explaining that to them, the next subtopic was how to launch Microsoft Office word and I took them through the steps or outlines involved, so I drew it for them to know or have a picture of word document if they were to be behind a computer after launching the application,” he revealed.

Richard Appiah Akoto, 33 years of age, popularly known on social media platforms as ‘Hottish Owura Kwadwo’, a professional teacher at Betenase M/A Junior High School (JHS), a government school under the Ghana Education Service (GES), disclosed that teaching his students ICT related topics without the physical presence of a single computer in the whole school was one of the major setbacks for him as a tech teacher, but since he wants his class to really understand and come to terms with what they are being taught he decided to do the needful.

“We are to teach them the basics like component of personal computer, turning on and off the computer and the rest. So if you used a laptop to teach them such topics, you are doing them good."

“Because if you are teaching a topic like turning on the computer, you need to teach them how to connect the various part of the system unit before you proceed on turning on which involves steps or outlines to follow, and you will present a charged laptop and press the power button and everything will be on,' he said.

Using the blackboard to teach his class tech lessons is not new to Hottish Owura Kwadwo who has been teaching ICT related subject in his school for the past years as a professional teacher. He told Biztechafrica that it’s his passion to get his students to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of the computer and the door of opportunities it provides.


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