Why downloading gaining success in era of broadband pressure

Issa Sikiti da Silva

According to a Penthera’s European Streaming Behavior Report released this week, 85% of internet users in Europe said they have experienced mobile streaming frustration.

Consequently, they have reacted by giving up (51%), quitting that subscription service (23%), or even canceling their subscription (9%).

Fed-up with the frustration, many users have resorted to downloading videos more frequently, with the Penthera survey showing 37% of viewers doing it weekly or more often (33% in 2018).

As streaming frustrations become a consistent problem, downloading is slowly becoming a regular part of the mobile experience in Europe. 

“With more providers such as Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime offering download capabilities, it is not surprising that more users are enjoying the feature. Alleviating all streaming frustrations, download functionality provides a seamless user experience,” the report points out.

The report calls on OTT (over-the-top) providers to strategise around the experience of watching video within their mobile apps. “Those that do not adopt a mobile-first strategy risk losing out on their many viewers who take to their phones and tablets for entertainment,” the report says.

The following is the report’s overview about video streaming in Europe, which OTT should consider:

● 86% of the overall population say they stream video on mobile.

● 73% watch video on mobile weekly or more often.

● 46% stream daily on mobile and 27% stream weekly.

● Daily video streaming is up from last year (46% up from 39%), indicating that mobile streaming video usage continues to rise.

“Download functionality can lead to new opportunities for monetization. Enthusiasm for

downloading indicates that providers can not only solve users’ frustrations, but also make additional revenue—either by adding a downloading feature and charging users more for it or by monetizing downloaded content with ads,” recommends the report.

“Our survey revealed that the majority of respondents in Europe said they would pay a premium to download (64%). Meanwhile, Audio Video on Demand Services (AVODS) offering download connectivity could take advantage of new advertising inventory,” the report says.

“Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this survey is the importance of guaranteeing a great user experience. Providers who include features that enhance viewing in a mobile app will see increased engagement, loyalty, subscribers, and potentially revenue and will be best positioned to surpass their competitors in the streaming wars.”

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