Where Africa ranks on enabling trade

The World Economic Forum’s Enabling Trade Index 2012 ranks Tunisia highest among the African countries listed.

The index places Singapore first in the world, followed by Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and Luxembourg as the top ten.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Enabling Trade Report series focuses on measuring whether economies have in place the necessary attributes for enabling trade and where improvements are most needed.

The report reflects a world where trade is no longer dominated by developed economies, but increasingly concentrated with and among emerging economies, highlighting the role trade can play in economic growth and poverty reduction

In Africa, Tunisia is placed first, at number 44, Rwanda is placed at 51, Botswana at number 54, South Africa at number 63, Morocco at 64, Namibia at 75,  Malawi at 85, Zambia 88,  Egypt 90, The Gambia 91, Senegal 92, Tanzania 94, Mozambique 97, Uganda 98, Ghana 99, Kenya 103, Ethiopia 106, Lesotho 113, Benin 115, Cameroon 115, Algeria 120, Mali 121, Burkina Faso 122, Nigeria 123, Mauritania 123, Cote d’Ivoire 126, Angola 127, Zimbabwe 129 and Chad placed last at 132.

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