WasAce promises '100G connectivity'

WasAce, a new undersea communications system linking four continents, promises to deploy 100G technology.

WaSace is a new international communications system linking the major markets of four continents – Africa, South America, North America and Europe, with undersea fiber-optic cable. It is described as the largest such project ever mounted in the Atlantic Ocean, with its total fiber length is seven times the circumference of the earth. If the fibers were connected end-to-end, they would stretch three quarters of the way to the moon.

WasAce says it will be the first trans-Atlantic system to deploy the next-generation “100G” technology, with ten times the capacity of previous systems. It represents a total investment of billions of US dollars from investors on four continents.

The project is divided into four sections; WASACE North connecting Europe to North America, WASACE South connecting South America to Africa, WASACE America connecting South America to North America and WASACE Africa connecting Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

The project is headed by WasAce Cable Company Worldwide Holding, a multinational development company represented by CEO Ramon Gil-Roldan of Spain. Project development will be managed by the David Ross Group, an international communications system group, managing major developments in international connectivity throughout the world.

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