Alcatel Lucent cable laying ship

The West Africa Cable System (WACS), already connecting countries like Namibia and Botswana, will soon make landfall in Nigeria too.

The high-speed undersea cable will add to the region’ s bandwidth. It is being rolled out along 14 000km from South Africa to the United Kingdom, with connections along the West coast of Africa. It will have a capacity of at least 3.84 terabits per second, with a maximum of 5.12 terabits per second.

According to MTN Nigeria, the cable is now ready to land in Nigeria, with the finalization of necessary approval.

MTN Nigeria Corporate Services Executive Wale Goodluck said the cable would make landfall during the next few weeks.

Nigeria is one of Africa’ s most populous countries with a booming mobile and internet market, and MTN Nigeria says additional bandwidth will be put to good use.

Alcatel-Lucent is building the USD 600 million cable. It is scheduled for completion this year.

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