Vodafone to promote Ghanaian apps on new Vodafone app store

By Nana Appiah Acquaye, Accra, Ghana

To encourage the development and growth of local apps in the country and also place the Ghanaian app on the global scale Vodafone Ghana has officially launched its local app store that showcase lots of local Ghanaian applications. The idea behind the developing of such an app store which happens to be the first in the country by a network provider is to promote the Ghanaian innovator who spent time and years to create and developed an App and also help them market their apps to the relevant audience both locally and internationally.

Unlike other well-known app stores which most times dwarfs local Apps, the Vodafone App store will be showcasing prominently all local Apps on its Home Screen and provides all the necessary links that allows the Ghanaian user to easy track a particular app.

During an interaction with some Ghanaian Apps developers in Accra the Head of Strategy and Innovation Julius Owusu Kyeremanteng, mentioned that the introduction of an app store by Vodafone Ghana will go a long way to benefit app developers in the country and also the Ghanaian community or consumers. It will also afford consumers to access relevant lifestyle Applications and then assist developers to also.

Accessing the new portal by developers at the back end is made easy for them to get on the platform with their creative Apps, whiles on the front end consumers can go to Appstore.vodafone.com.gh.

In an interview with Biztechafrica Mr Owusu Kyeremanteng noted that the new Vodafone App store can be accessed on all major platforms including Windows, Android, IOS and Java. “Basically ones you access the App store from any device, the App store is smart enough to know or detect which device you are using and will show you Apps that are compatible with your operating system. So you don’t have to download an App that is not compatible with your operating system.”

He further allay fears entertained by most local developers that with the new App store by Vodafone Ghana, all local apps featured on the Ghanaian Vodafone app store platform will not face any competition from other global App will some how submerged their local apps. He reiterated that the look and feel of the local of the App store site is tailored towards showcasing the Ghanaian app and that’s why on the Homepage of the App store five hottest local Ghanaian apps are prominently showcased there and below are other apps as well made locally and in various categories.


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