Vodacom Tanzania extends free digital education across the country

Vodacom Tanzania is working with the relevant educational institutions to zero rate sites that have a wide reach including University of Dar es Salaam, Mkolani Foundation Health Sciences Training Institute, St. Joseph University in Tanzania, College of Health and Allied Sciences, Shule Direct to name a few; to support learners during the time to access free digital education.

“We are connecting for good with Vodacom’s SUPA Network that is available across the country, we want to help Tanzanians stay connected while being productive wherever they are. Through this unique offer, Vodacom is collaborating with different educational institutions to enable their students in primary, secondary and higher learning institutions to access educational platforms free of charge on its Supa Network,” explained Ms Rosalynn Mworia, the Corporate Affairs & Director of Vodacom Tanzania Foundation.

We are seeing online schooling, virtual gatherings, home entertainment, and remote working - becoming the new norm worldwide. In all of this, data is the key enabler in supporting business continuity, education and enabling all segments of community to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The breakthrough announcement which directly benefits primary and secondary school pupils, students of higher learning institutions, teachers, lecturers and parents across the country was made in Dar es Salaam by Mworia.

“We continue to see interest from innovators across Tanzania reaching out to us for purposes of collaboration. This is encouraging because it means as a community, Tanzanians want to work together to ensure that our children continue to learn despite the temporary school closure,” she said.  

The company which has been an advocate of quality education through digital platforms for years believes that technology can level the playing field by bringing connectivity and an opportunity for everyone to reach their full potential. In the past they have partnered with different stakeholders including UCSAF, Dlab and Samsung to push for digital learning.


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