Vodacom Business and Microsoft have recently formed a partnership aimed at offering the best experience with applications that allow greater productivity for businesses and companies, boosting mobility, collaboration and security during activities.

Vodacom cited ‘Microsoft 365 Business Basic’ as one of the application packages to be made available to companies. It is aimed at companies that need simple remote solutions, such as ‘Microsoft Teams’, secure cloud storage and online office.

Cloud storage means that user data is protected from external threats and physical hardware failures. “Even if the physical infrastructure fails, as long as the user is connected to the internet, his team can access any and all data and keep the business running,” the company explained. 

The second application is ‘Microsoft 365 Business Standard’, which is suitable for companies that need complete tools for remote work and collaboration, business email and ‘Office Premium’ applications.  

This includes all the features of the ‘Microsoft 365 Business Basic’ package on multiple devices in addition to ‘Microsoft 365 Business Premium’. This is designed for companies that require remote work solutions, with all the features of the ‘Microsoft 365 Business Standard’ package included, and advanced protection against cyber attacks and even device management.

The application package also includes the ‘Enterprise Microsoft 365 E3’created for productivity applications and basic security features for companies.

There is also ‘Enterprise Microsoft 365 E5’which is good for advanced productivity and security applications, compliance, voice and analytics for businesses.

Advantages of Microsoft 365

Thanks to Microsoft 365, collaboration between members of an organisation becomes easier, as this solution offers a different communication style, with collaborative tools that allow groups of people to exchange instant messages and work together.

It also helps, among others, share documents in real time, share the screen, and project planning tools in a single window.

Microsoft Office 365 also helps boost security as its built-in security measures protect valuable data from common attacks, such as malware, viruses, spam and phishing scams.

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